Mermaids & Unicorns - Room Sneak Peak

Okay I know tomorrow is the first day of Fall and NO ONE is more excited than I am... so I had to share a little peak into Oakley's room transformation before we change it over to a more fall vibe. She has been obsessing over all things Unicorns, Mermaids, and Fish and these books and dolls have been a perfect addition to that!

Linking all of the goods below!

Natural Rattan Chair | Book Shelves | Felt Ball Garland | Expandable Wall Rack | Wood Girl Power Sign | Pink TuTu | Girl Power Onesie | Girl Gang Flag | Pampas Grass | Floor Pillows | Rug | Cuddle+Kind Dolls

The Rainbow Fish | Little Mermaid | Ten Little Mermaids | A Mermaid ABC's | How to Catch a Unicorn | Ocean Life | How to Catch a Mermaid | Three Little Mermaids | Unicorns Are Real! | Mabel A Mermaid Fable | (Not Pictured: I'm A Unicorn | Baby Touch & Feel Mermaid | Goodnight Mermaid)

So far Oakley's favorite's have been Three Little Mermaids ( it has pull tabs, flip ups, and touch & feel areas), Ten Little Mermaids ( she always wonders where they are all going as it counts down from 10 to 1), Baby Touch & Feel Mermaid, and Rainbow Fish! Hope you enjoy reading these books as much as we do!

Feel free to email or DM with any questions!

XO- Claire


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