DIY Flower Garland

I could not be more obsessed with how these Floral Garlands came out! Of course I may be biased, but who doesn't love a good DIY!

Here's a link to everything we used and a few tips on how we made the garland! They were super easy but for sure time consuming so get comfortable!

Fabric Daisy Flower Head

Fabric Sunflower Head

Silk Pink/Orange Peony

Silk Plum Blossom

Fishing Wire

Sewing Needle

Pro Tips - First decide where you'll be hanging these flower garlands and how much room you might need to tie it up and how long your wire will need to be. I used the needle and fishing wire and stabbed through the small stem on the flower head, then I would knot the wire where I wanted the flower to sit, and on to adding the next flower! Feel free to mix up the order you have the flowers in on each string garland for a more fun and less structured affect!

I'm always here if you have any questions!

XO- Claire


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